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Can You Change Your Arms with Exercise & Skip the Arm Lift?

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Getting plastic surgery can be an overwhelmingly positive, life-changing decision, no matter what procedure you choose —
arm lift included. But can you really benefit from surgery?

If you have flab and sagging skin on your arms, could exercise alone get your arms into the shape you want?

Exercise vs. Arm Lift

It is always a good idea to exercise. Regular cardio and weight workouts keep your whole body healthy and happy. But for people with sagging skin on their arms, even serious weight lifting will not be able to provide an attractive, toned appearance. 

Exercise can build muscle, which will help to fill out the sagging skin to a degree. However, if the collagen fibers in the skin on your arms have broken down, the only way to gain a tight, firm look is through arm lift surgery. 

But what if you’re just starting on your weight loss journey? Could a focus on arm exercises help to create more toned arms as you lose weight? It’s certainly worth some effort, but even with exercise and muscle building, it’s hard to say how your arm skin will respond as the pounds come off. As a general rule, the larger you are when starting your weight loss journey, the less likely it is that your skin will have the elasticity needed to snap back. 

The bottom line? Tone your arm muscles for improved strength and appearance, but get an arm lift for excess skin.

Getting an Arm Lift

Arm lifts are one of the more popular options for people who have lost a significant amount of weight. Other procedures such as thigh lifts, belt abdominoplasty, and even facial procedures can help to reveal the glowing new you. Once you see the results of surgery, you may wonder why you waited so long to tone and tighten those lingering trouble spots!

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