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Real Patient Reviews for Kramer Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Finch

google logo After wanting these since I was 18 now at 34 I have finally after years of research and contemplating whether or not I wanted them or really wanted to take the plunge.... you know surgery is scary. Well my loving husband told me that if it was something I wanted we would do it. So finally I did it! And boy am I thankful! I feel so much more confident with my own body! That I was not expecting!!!! I just want to say this whole clinic is amazing everyone is caring and helpful also kindly guide you to making the best possible choices that best fit YOUR body and its needs and allowances. They are amazing and cant thank them enough for everything from start to finish am ABSOLUTELY thankful I chose this office and highly recommend!!!!!!

Felita Dulfo

google logo Dr. Kramer and his staff are amazing!!! I wanted bigger but he knows what is the best look for me, and I am glad that I took his expertise. Can't thank them enough. HIGHLY RECOMMEND to thus who wants the best look for themselves

Mike Sciales

google logo After losing a significant amount of weight, I went in for a Coolsculpt consult with Patty. Her depth of experience was readily apparent. She listened to my thoughts, acknowledged them, and incorporated it into her plan. Being an RN, Patty isn't interested in any upsell, just best patient outcome. She gave me an outstanding price on what she considered the best course of treatment, and earned my fullest confidence. Went in yesterday, and was told to be ready to be there for several hours, so I ready to read. I was there for a few hours, but it wasn't at all uncomfortable, and I never got to read, because Patty checked on me regularly, even bringing me fresh hot coffee. She's not an "in and out" sort, she took time just to visit. You don't see that very often anymore, and the time fairly well sailed by. Patty isn't just the Valley's leading Cool-sculpting specialist, she's also a fabulous holistic Practioner, one who genuinely wants the best results for those in her care. I recommend her without reservation.

Kristina Raleigh

google logo I have been researching breast augmentation for years and initially did what most people in the Treasure Valley decide by looking and finally booking in SLC area. Covid hit and life fluctuated and it made me consider local options more. I am so glad it did! From the initial visit Dr. Kramer was honest, straight to the point, and thorough. He made me do my own homework, watch the pros and cons of augmentation, and made sure I know 100% that I was aware of the risks associated. Our initial consultation was via web due to covid but he was still as thorough as I would assume an office visit would be. The only thing missing from an in-office visit was the pleasure of meeting his staff. I read reviews on Kramer previous and heard things like he has horrible bedside manner and is rude. This is not the case. He is calm, direct, and isn't trying to use his visit as a sales pitch as others do. He is making sure he doesn't sugar coat his services as it should be. This is not rude, this is professional in my opinion. The staff threatened to cancel my surgery if I was not following the pre-op instructions. They called multiple times to make sure I had all the protocol complete. They cared about ME and the success of my surgery. Other reviews have said he pushes for "too big" or puts different implants in and you end up with huge breasts. Not the case either. He made sure I was aware he would only use the size I chose UNLESS there was some huge dire situation, which was highly unlikely. I got 100% EXACTLY what I asked for size-wise, yet so much more overall. The staff at Kramer's office is the most warming, inviting, and fun group I have ever seen in a medical facility. Ronna and Jenn truly made every visit personal and comfortable. I cannot even describe how amazing these ladies are. Thank you for making me feel safe in a self inflicted scary time! Dr. Kramer is the best you will find hands down to perform your surgery. He literally took what envision as perfection and a dream and made it reality! Thank you so much to all of you!!!

Taylor Daffer

google logo My experience with Dr. Kramer and his staff was beyond phenomenal. I originally chose this practice based on Board Certification and the end results, the staff made me feel even better about my decision! Ronna was an absolute pleasure to be around. Dr. Kramer himself was very detailed and humorous throughout my appointments. Surgery day was a breeze I was comfortable and felt as if no time had passed at all. My pain was so minuscule I was baffled! This was by far the best experience I've had in the medical field by far! I absolutely love my results!

Brandy Wilson

google logo Dr. Kramer and his staff were great. I was incredibly nervous going into my first appointment, and they put me at ease very quickly. Surgery went well, and I love my results. I would highly recommend Kramer Plastic Surgery.

Cassandra Yerby

google logo I looked for Board certified surgeon's all over... Friends told me about their surgeon's/out of state surgeon's.. I read so many reviews and looked at so many before and after pics. I was seriously praying to find a good Dr.. Thank God it was Dr Kramer . He did an amazing job! He was very professional and tlked me through the whole process. His staff has been nothing but kind and super helpful, answering all my questions. Thank you Dr Kramer, Ronna and Katie!

Ines Salas

google logo Dr Kramer and his team are top notch professionals. I love his sense of humor and appreciate his calm demeanor. Thank you all! I am so happy and wish I would have came to you sooner.

Real Patient Reviews

blue bubble light I wanted to have a change that wasn't going to be significantly noticeable but a change that made me personally feel more confident and I feel that is the exact results I got.