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Thigh Lift

The thigh lift is a body contouring procedure Dr. Jonathan Kramer performs to tighten loose skin along the upper thighs. This surgery is especially common with men and women who struggle with areas of excess skin after losing a significant amount of weight. Primary reasons to have a thigh lift:
  • You are left with excess skin around your thighs after losing a large amount of weight
  • You are unable to tighten loose skin with diet and exercise alone

How a Thigh Lift is Performed

Dr. Kramer will make an incision along the natural contours of your upper inner or outer thigh depending on your unique circumstances. The underlying tissue is then reshaped to create a firm and well-balanced foundation for your thighs. Once the desired shape is achieved, excess skin is removed to eliminate drooping or sagging.

Love the Look of Your Legs

After losing a large amount of weight, skin will often lack the elasticity to tighten up to your body’s new smaller size. These areas of loose skin are nearly impossible to improve even with diet and exercise. A thigh lift allows men and women to tighten their legs and enjoy their new, slimmer bodies after weight loss. Dr. Kramer recommends thigh lift surgery for patients who have not been able to tighten the loose skin despite a healthy lifestyle.

Healing After Thigh Lift Surgery

Your thigh lift recovery will vary based on the techniques used during your surgery. Most patients are able to return to work about 2-4 weeks after their thigh lift. You will need to avoid higher levels of activity or exercise for about six weeks to avoid any unnecessary complications. After your thigh lift, your legs will be well-toned with youthful contours and a natural appearance.

Thigh Lift Q&A  

Where are the incisions placed for a thigh lift? 

Most people who have lost a significant amount of weight and have excess, loose skin of the inner thigh will benefit from a medial Thighplasty or Thighlift. Dr. Kramer makes incisions along the inseam (inside of the leg) to perform a thigh lift. The location of the incisions means that resulting scarring will be less noticeable. Patients feel that any scarring they have is a welcome tradeoff for improved comfort and a better look. 

I have cellulite. Will a thigh lift address this? 

medial thigh lift is focused on removing excess skin and tissue on the upper inner thighs. Cellulite commonly appears on the outer thighs up through the buttocks area. This procedure does not reach these areas of the body so cellulite in those areas will be unaffected.  

When will I see results? 

Most of your results after surgery will be visible immediately. You will likely have some swelling in the thighs temporarily, and the surgical incisions will be sensitive. Once the incisions and surrounding tissue heal, you will have tighter and more toned thighs. Results from this procedure are long-lasting, but keep in mind that weight fluctuation and the natural aging process can cause new sagging and excess tissue over time.

Getting Started with a Thigh Lift in Boise

At Kramer Plastic Surgery, your thigh lift will be approached in a personalized way to provide you with slim, well-toned legs. Years of board certified plastic surgery experience, top-level training, and life-enriching results are just a short drive away with Boise’s own Jonathan Kramer, M.D. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation and make life happen.

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