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Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia, a condition causing the male chest to appear enlarged or feminine, is more common than many people may think. Unfortunately, most men who suffer from this condition avoid the subject and instead try to hide the problem rather than seek help. Dr. Jonathan Kramer performs male breast reduction surgery to help men who suffer from gynecomastia achieve a taut and masculine chest. Primary reasons for male breast reduction:
  • You eat right and exercise regularly, but are unable to achieve the masculine appearance you desire for your chest
  • You want a real, long-term solution to gynecomastia
  • You want to feel confident and comfortable when bearing your chest

How Male Breast Reduction is Performed

Depending on your specific situation, your male breast reduction will include a personalized combination of reducing excess skin and reshaping the breast tissue. Dr. Kramer will make an incision in the lower portion of each breast to access the underlying structure. From here, excess breast tissue can be removed and a new, well-contoured foundation can be formed. Any loose skin is then removed, leaving your chest with a tighter appearance. Dr. Kramer may also perform a small liposuction procedure to reduce any stubborn fat in the area. Men who undergo this procedure are able to achieve a more masculine and natural-looking chest, which often also results in a significant boost in self-confidence.

Hold Your Chest High with Confidence

A problem with enlarged male breasts is often believed to be treatable with a healthy lifestyle; however, men suffering from gynecomastia may see very little or no change in the appearance of their chest despite exercising or working out regularly. Male breast reduction may be necessary to reduce excess skin and/or breast tissue that is causing the feminine appearance of the chest. During your consultation, Dr. Kramer will analyze your condition to determine if male breast reduction is the right procedure for you. It is important that you are at a stable and healthy weight before considering this surgery, as an enlarged appearance of the male chest can sometimes be attributed to excess fat that can be improved naturally. Dr. Kramer recommends male breast reduction for men who have been unable to improve the appearance of their chest despite a healthy lifestyle.

Healing After Male Breast Reduction

Your male breast reduction recovery will vary based on the techniques used during your procedure with Dr. Kramer. You will need to wear a compression garment for roughly four weeks to ensure correct healing of the skin. Most men are able to return to work about a week after surgery, but you should avoid heavy lifting for about 4-6 weeks.

Getting Started with Male Breast Reduction in Boise

At Kramer Plastic Surgery, your male breast reduction will be approached in a personalized way to provide you with the masculine and natural-looking results you deserve. Years of board certified plastic surgery experience, top-level training, and life-enriching results are just a short drive away with Boise’s own Jonathan Kramer, M.D. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation and make life happen.

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