Celebrate Yourself

3 Med Spa Treatments to Look as Friendly & Happy As You Feel

Three Women in Bathrobes

“What’s wrong?” If you are among the millions of women with tired, puffy eyes or sagging skin around your mouth, you’ve probably heard that question a lot. But if you feel great and vibrant on the inside, it’s time to let that energy show in your outer appearance as well!

Take a look at these three med spa treatments and see how they can help you look more friendly and lively.

Laser Skin Tightening

A major contributing factor to a tired or sad facial appearance is skin sagging. Yes, some of us are just born with that “leave-me-alone” scowl, but whether you were or weren’t, skin sagging will make it pronounced. With a procedure like the Alma ClearLift, you can show the world your positive energy.


Most skin sagging is related to a loss of volume, especially in the face. This can deepen frown lines and cause you to appear pretty bummed out even when you’re having a great time. Fillers help to replace lost volume and give you a more youthful and happy look.


A tired look around your eyes often is the result of wrinkling due to repeated muscle movements such as squinting or scowling. BOTOX temporarily freezes the muscles causing these wrinkles, forcing them to relax. This can help soften deep lines in your forehead and on the sides of your eyes, giving you a more approachable look.

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