Celebrate Yourself

Your Timeline to Rejuvenate Your Face before a Big Event

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So, you have a big event coming up. Lucky you! No doubt, you want to look your best. Whether you want cosmetic touch-ups before graduation or med spa treatments before your wedding, you need to make sure you follow the right timeline. So, which cosmetic treatments should you consider before your event, and how should you space them out?

Laser Hair Removal: 6-9 Months before the Event

Are you worried about facial hairs showing up in photos, or just want to look your absolute best in a dress? While you could get waxed, this can leave bumps and irritation. Instead, go for a long-lasting solution that leaves you truly smooth. Just keep in mind that laser hair removal takes multiple sessions, so start early.

Everyone should look and feel their best on their big days. Med spa treatments can help boost your confidence.

Laser Skin Resurfacing: 6 Weeks before the Event

You probably are already planning your makeup look, but all products look best with the right foundation: smooth, healthy skin. Laser skin resurfacing helps to ensure your skin is even in tone and texture, helping you look radiant for your big event.

BOTOX and Fillers: 4 Weeks before the Event

Don’t look tired on the big day! BOTOX and fillers are both great at addressing all sorts of factors that can make you look older or just worn down. With a few quick injections, you can eliminate crow’s feet and worry lines while also boosting facial and lip volume.

You deserve to look your best and feel confident for the milestone events we all enjoy so much. If you are ready to get started, the skilled staff at Dr. Kramer’s medspa is here to help. Just call the office at 208-344-4900 or fill out our contact form.