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You’ve Heard of Breast Implant Removal but What’s En Bloc Removal?

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If you’re considering your options for breast implant removal — especially if you are experiencing symptoms of breast implant illness (BII) — en bloc removal is worth learning more about.

When performed by a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, en bloc breast implant removal can be very successful, resulting in a seamless, natural appearance with fewer risks of complications.

En Bloc vs. Traditional Breast Implant Removal

En bloc, meaning “as one,” is a breast implant removal technique that removes the entire capsule of scar tissue that your body naturally forms around your implants along with your breast implants as a single unit. During a regular breast implant removal procedure, this capsule is opened in order to reach the implants.

En bloc implant removal is often the best choice for women who are experiencing signs of breast implant illness.

What Are the Benefits of En Bloc Implant Removal?

There are several benefits of the en bloc removal technique vs. traditional breast implant removal. The first is that by removing the entire intact capsule and implant, you reduce the risk of contamination and other complications that can arise when the contents of the capsule are able to reach surrounding tissue.

Secondly, the en bloc technique allows your body to gradually settle back into its normal position before having implants, resulting in a natural look and feel.

Who Is a Candidate for En Bloc?

The en bloc removal technique is not always possible, so your plastic surgeon will provide an evaluation and advise as to whether or not en bloc could be right for you. Generally speaking, women who are experiencing symptoms of breast implant illness can be good candidates for this technique.

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