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How a Bra Line Back Lift Smooths Your Figure

How a Bra Line Back Lift Smooths Your Figure img 1

Diligent diet and exercise keep you healthy and trim, but most people will still have some excess fat or skin that their hard work fails to address. This is commonly in the upper to middle back, creating bulges around the bra line.

One solution is a bra-line back lift, which smooths out the upper and middle back area where the bra strap typically crosses.

What Is a Bra-Line Back Lift?

If you have looked into any other types of body lifts, the idea is essentially the same, just targeted to the bra-line area of the back. Excess skin is removed and liposuction is used to removed unwanted fat. The skin is then brought together to create a firm, smooth, contoured back. This should eliminate fat rolls and bulges, rejuvenate tissues and help the patient look thinner from behind.Is a Bra-Line Back Lift Surgery for You?

If diet and exercise aren’t remedying your back bulges, surgery might be able to help you.

Anyone with concerns about the upper or middle back could be a candidate for the surgery. This includes both men and women, though the name of the procedure might lead you to think otherwise. It can address both fat and loose skin, or just one over the other, depending on your needs.

Keep in mind that any weight fluctuations, including those related to pregnancy, could compromise your results long term. It is best to reach a stable weight before your procedure.

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