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What Happens if You Stop Getting Injectable Filler Treatments?

Krammer - Injectable Fillers - May2022Are you loving your look with injectable filler treatments? If so, you may have zero desire to stop getting them anytime soon. Still, you might need to stop or take a break for various reasons – a lack of funds, an upcoming medical procedure or even just an interest in seeing how you look without them.

For many people who regularly get fillers, there is some worry about stopping them. Could your face look strange without that extra oomph? Do fillers “ruin” your face?

Don’t be afraid to stop dermal fillers if that is what is the right path for you.

Stopping Fillers Is Fine – When Done Correctly

Let’s just settle this right here and now: fillers do not ruin your face or accelerate the aging process. However, you may feel a little strange about how you look without them, especially if you’ve been keeping up with them for years.

There is, of course, an exception: when fillers are done badly. As you would expect, poor work can have poor results, and in some cases, these results can be lasting. Even after the fillers dissolve, your skin might not be the same.

Chances are slim this is the case for you, so don’t feel anxious about it. If you are interested in stopping or taking a break from fillers, you can do so safely without compromising your appearance. The filler will slowly dissolve and leave you looking like your naturally beautiful self.

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