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All about Your CoolSculpting® Results & How to See Them Sooner

Coolsulpting Results - Kramer - April 2022CoolSculpting® is a great way to slim your figure and contour your lines without the need for surgery. To see great results, you don’t need to do anything besides show up and follow our aftercare instructions. It’s breezy!

But what if you want to speed up your CoolSculpting results for an upcoming trip or big day? Is it even possible?

When Do You See CoolSculpting Results?

This depends on if you mean complete results or just the first signs of change. Most people will start to see a slight difference at about three weeks after their treatment. But the complete results? That takes more like three months. This isn’t a super long timeframe. In fact, it is comparable to surgery, since liposuction and other procedures will cause swelling that masks results for months. Still, you might find yourself wanting to make it faster.

Patience is a virtue with CoolSculpting, but in truth, the results aren’t any slower than with surgical procedures.

Can You Put Your CoolSculpting Results into Hyperdrive?

You can’t condense three months into three weeks. But you can do things that support your treatment and therefore might shave some time off your wait. We suggest the following:

  1. Stay hydrated. Really focus on meeting your water goals. Part of CoolSculpting is flushing out the destroyed fat cells, and being hydrated helps that.
  2. Eat well. While you do not need to start a strict diet, eating balanced meals in healthy portions will help your body work at its best, and therefore clear that fat sooner.
  3. Move often. The more you move, the faster your metabolism is and the sooner your body will clear the fat. Maintain your current level of activity, or even kick it up a notch for faster results.

And that’s it! With these three tricks, you should see slightly faster results. To learn more or schedule your treatment, call us at 208-344-4900 or fill out the contact form.