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Do You Need a BOTOX® Brow Lift?

Botox injection - woman in cosmetic medicine treatment

Your forehead and brows have always played a key role in your appearance. But now, with everyone still wearing masks while in public, they have pretty much become your entire face. If they aren’t looking their best, neither are you.

This doesn’t mean you need to rush into getting plastic surgery. For most, a BOTOX® brow lift will get the job done. 

What Exactly Is a BOTOX Brow Lift?

A surgical brow lift lifts the muscles and subcutaneous tissue in the forehead, lifting the brow area and, as a result, reducing or eliminating signs of aging. A BOTOX brow lift accomplishes something similar, but without the need for surgery. 

With this treatment, BOTOX is strategically injected to temporarily lift the eyebrows so they don’t hang so heavily over the eyes. The product is placed in the muscles that drag the brows down, relaxing them so they stop pulling on the brows and forehead. It also relaxes the muscles that cause the “11s,” or the vertical lines between the brows. 

How long results last varies between patients. However, for most, this falls somewhere between 3 and 5 months

Why a BOTOX Brow Lift Might Be the Right Option for You

There are plenty of good reasons to choose BOTOX for frown lines. First of all, it is great for achieving the full, arched eyebrows that are so popular at the moment. Then there is the fact that it can help brighten up your entire look, especially when masked up.

But perhaps the biggest reasons to give the BOTOX brow lift a shot are that it is fast and temporary. You don’t need to carve out a lot of time in your day to get the procedure, and if you find it isn’t right for you, it doesn’t last forever. 

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