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A Super Quick Checklist before You Get Injectable Fillers

Krammer - Contour plastic: Injection of filler

Injectable fillers, such as JUVÉDERM® and Restylane®, are a great way to address fine lines, wrinkles and loss of volume without the need for surgery — making them a very popular treatment option. Since the launch of Instagram, dermal fillers have become well known, making most patients feel like they already know everything they need to. 

However, there is more to the process than taking selfies after your final results are visible. Here is a quick checklist of what to know before getting fillers.

1. Who’s Administering the Injections

The two biggest factors in good results are the product and the practitioner. Unfortunately, a lot of people offering dermal fillers aren’t plastic surgeons or highly trained technicians working under the guidance of one. In many cases, they’ve done little more than get a certificate. There are even gynecologists and dentists offering dermal fillers. Make sure the person working on your face has the best possible qualifications.

Easily the most important factor in getting great results is selecting the right practitioner.

2. What You Can Afford

We’ve all heard it before: you get what you pay for. While there are med spa options that work for every budget, injectables might be out of some individual’s price range unless they can find a good deal.

Of course, whenever you see something that feels too good to be true, assume it is. Most fillers will cost at least $600 per syringe

3. Before and After Care

Getting injectables is quick and simple, but there is still some prep and aftercare involved. Be sure to discuss this with your provider in advance so you can properly prepare, keeping in mind that different procedures may involve different instructions. 

To learn more about the dermal filler process, sit down and discuss your options with our team. Call the office at 208-344-4900 or reach out through our contact form