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Will I Need Breast Implant Revision If I Lose Weight?

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If you’re considering breast implants, you might be wondering whether weight loss will impact your results. It’s a great question, and the short answer is that it completely depends on your individual situation.

Weight loss can affect the appearance of your breast implants. When you lose weight, you might also lose some of the natural breast tissue that was supporting your implants. This can lead to your implants appearing less full or even sagging a bit. While this does not necessarily happen to everyone, it is possible. The good news is that if you’ve recently lost weight and you’re not as happy about how your breast implants look, breast implant revision might be a great solution for you!

How Breast Implant Revision Can Help

When performing a breast implant revision, Dr. Kramer focuses on updating your implants so that they are better suited to the look you want. In the case of revision following weight loss, implants may be traded out for a smaller size so that your breasts remain in proportion with your thinner body shape. 

Another option is to consider a breast lift. This procedure can be done in combination with a revision or be performed on its own. A breast lift involves removing excess skin and tightening the remaining tissue to create a firmer, more youthful appearance. Breast lifts can really help to restore your confidence and self-esteem if you’re feeling self-conscious about sagging breast implants after weight loss.

Of course, for minor weight loss, chances are that your breasts will still look fantastic and there is likely little need to consider a revision procedure. But everyone’s body and preferences are different, so the impact of weight loss on breast implants can vary. If you’re considering breast augmentation and thinking you may lose a significant amount of weight in the future, it’s a good idea to discuss your goals and concerns with Dr. Kramer ahead of time. At Kramer Plastic Surgery, we can help you choose the best implant size and placement, and plan the timing of the surgery so you can enjoy an improved breast shape and position for years to come.