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Is an “Hourglass” Tummy Tuck Really All That Different?

woman in sports braIt’s no secret that many women feel self-conscious about excess skin and fat around their abdomen after pregnancy or weight loss. For some, this can hugely impact self-esteem and confidence, to the point of limiting your wardrobe and feeling uncomfortable in romantic settings. 

For women who are considering a tummy tuck to combat these challenges, it’s worth discussing if this will give you the figure that you truly desire. A traditional tummy tuck, performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, can yield excellent results. But there’s some buzz about the “hourglass” tummy tuck out there, and it’s important to discuss the alleged distinctions. 

Hourglass Tummy Tuck vs. Traditional Tummy Tuck 

A traditional abdominoplasty involves removing excess skin from the lower abdomen, and surgically tightening the abdominal muscles. This helps to create a smoother, flatter stomach. It also can remove or reduce the appearance of abdominal stretch marks. The traditional tummy tuck is most commonly used for people who have lost a significant amount of weight, as well as those who have had multiple pregnancies.

An hourglass tummy tuck is not a medically recognized variant of a traditional abdominoplasty. The main idea is that as part of the tummy tuck, further contouring occurs to create an hourglass shape, a traditional hallmark of feminine beauty. This is accomplished through the use of liposuction in addition to the removal of excess skin and tightening of the abdominal muscles. It can also include fat transfer to the buttocks, hips, and waist to create a more curvy shape. 

Dr. Kramer often includes liposuction or other body contouring options for people who are having a tummy tuck. This isn’t new, and neither is the desire for some women to have a more curvy silhouette. A traditional tummy tuck can help to flatten the abdomen, but it will not create the same hourglass shape that an hourglass tummy tuck with liposuction can.

The most important thing to keep in mind is what you’re trying to achieve. Talk with Dr. Kramer about your options, and he can advise based on his training and experience which cosmetic surgery procedures will best help you achieve your goal. Overall, both tummy tuck procedures can help to create a flatter, firmer abdomen. The best option is to focus less on the names and trends, and schedule a consultation at our office for one-on-one guidance.