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How to Find Breast Implants that Are Just Right for You

woman in European squareYou are uniquely you! From your personality and interests to the proportions of your figure, there are so many elements that come together to make you who you are. And one of the trickiest aspects of plastic surgery is making sure the changes made compliment you. 

When it comes to selecting breast implants, this can get a little complicated. You have to think about size, shape, width and projection. So how can you pick breast implants that will suit you? We suggest you follow these tips!

You want your breast augmentation to compliment your overall figure and lifestyle.

#1: Don’t Chase a Cup Size

While people love to talk about C cups and double Ds, the truth is that cup size isn’t standard. You might be an A in one brand and a C in another, and this might even change within a brand based on cut. Instead, work with your surgeon to understand how implant volume (measured in ccs) will look on you. 

#2: Think about Width and Projection

Width is how wide an implant is at the base, or how far it spreads across the chest wall. Projection is how far it stands out from the chest wall. Both of these factor into the results you want – how your new breasts will look from the front vs. from the side. 

#3: Consider Your Lifestyle

Larger breasts can look great in various outfits and lingerie, but they can be a pain if you play sports or work out regularly. Make sure that the look you want really fits with the life you love to live. If it doesn’t, modify it a bit. 

If this sounds like a bit much, don’t worry: Dr. Kramer is a skilled plastic surgeon who can guide you to the best decisions. Schedule a consultation by calling us at 208-344-4900 or fill out our contact form.