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Brachioplasty: 5 Things to Know about Arm Lift Surgery

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Whether you have lost a substantial amount of weight or are simply getting a little bit older, drooping, sagging skin, or “batwings,” as it is commonly referred to, are common in both men and women. This often leaves you uncomfortable wearing clothes that leave your arms exposed. Because of this, brachioplasty, or arm lifts, is quickly becoming a popular surgical procedure amongst both men and women. Here we look at five benefits of arm surgery and how it can help you reach your ideal arm contours.  

Brachioplasty Removes Excess Skin and Fat

As we noted above, brachioplasty is a cosmetic procedure designed to remove excess skin and fat in the upper arm area that often develops after significant weight loss or as a normal part of aging. Brachioplasty removes the excess skin and fat that is directly attached to the skin. In cases of significant excess fat, your surgeon may recommend adding liposuction to your brachioplasty procedure. 

Helps Define Your Biceps

If you spend time in the gym working your upper body, you may feel frustrated when muscle definition is not noticeable due to excess and sagging skin. An arm lift procedure will remove that excess, revealing the more toned bicep muscles that you have worked hard to achieve, thus improving the overall shape and appearance of your arms. 

Can Reduce Skin Rashes

Excess and sagging skin may leave you feeling self-conscious, but it can also contribute to health concerns. Skin folds from excess skin are prone to abnormal friction that can lead to abrasions or rashes that can often become painful. In addition, sweat and bacteria can thrive in these areas, leading to infections. Brachioplasty can remove this excess and reduce the risk of this occurring. 

Helps Reduce Excess Sweating 

Sagging and excess skin can often increase sweat production as heat can become trapped within the folds of the skin, often leading to sweat stains and increased odor. Removing the excess skin can help reduce excess perspiration during your workouts and normal daily activity.

Increases Comfort During Exercise

Excess or sagging skin does not just affect your physical appearance. As we mentioned above, it can also contribute to increased sweating, rashes and infection. But that’s not everything. Excess and sagging skin can also make your upper body workout difficult or even painful. This skin can rub together, causing pain, as well as affecting your form during exercise. An arm lift helps better tone your arms, not only improving their appearance but making it more comfortable for you to keep up your regular workouts. 

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your upper arms and considering an arm lift, Dr. Kramer is available to answer your questions and help show how an arm lift can help you achieve your body contouring goals. Call 208-344-4900 today to schedule a consultation.