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Give Your Body a Boost in Time for Summer with a Mommy Makeover

Kramer, MM - ImageSummer is almost here! Time for fun in the sun and trips to the river with family and friends. But if your new mom body has left you feeling less-than-stellar about being seen in a bathing suit, a mommy makeover can get you back on track to showing off your feminine figure just in time for those warm-weather adventures.

At Kramer Plastic Surgery, Dr. Kramer takes a unique and personalized approach to your mommy makeover procedure to give each patient the best results possible. Here’s a closer look at a few things every mom should know about this life-changing procedure.

A Fully Customizable Makeover Procedure

Your mommy makeover with Dr. Kramer will target common concerns that moms face after childbirth. Sagging breasts, a drooping belly, and pockets of stubborn baby weight will all be addressed according to your needs. A typical mommy makeover with Dr. Kramer will consist of a combination of procedures, including:

Your breasts will be rejuvenated and your midsection slimmed and toned with a tummy tuck and liposuction, but that doesn’t mean that a mommy makeover is strictly limited to those areas. During your personal consultation with Dr. Kramer, you’ll discuss exactly what areas are important for you to focus on as a mom. Based on your particular situation and goals, Dr. Kramer will design a mommy makeover plan in order to give you the very best results. 

The Mommy Makeover Benefits

The mommy makeover definitely has its perks! There’s a huge advantage to having all of your issues addressed at once: one surgery means only one recovery period, which is important because you won’t have to take extra time away from the kids and family you love. You’ll also regain your confidence and be able to wear the outfits you want. After a mommy makeover, you won’t be afraid to show off in that new bikini, whether at the beach or the backyard pool this summer.

Getting Ready for Surgery

It’s important to be in good health and near your ideal weight before your surgery. Smoking is strongly advised against and even vaping with e-cigarettes can put you at an increased risk of complications during the healing process. The mommy makeover is an intensive surgical procedure, so ask questions and carefully go through the instructions provided by Dr. Kramer.

Be a Renewed You this Summer with a Mommy Makeover in Boise

A mommy makeover at Kramer Plastic Surgery can be just what you need to get your pre-baby body back. If you’re interested in learning more about this procedure in the Boise area, please don’t hesitate to contact our office today at (208) 344-4900 to schedule your consultation.