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3 Cosmetic Treatments to Polish Your Look for Valentine’s Day

Cosmetic Surgery - Kramer - Feb 2022

Who doesn’t want to look their best on Valentine’s Day? Whether you’ve got a big date, a girls’ night or just some Netflix and popcorn on your calendar, you deserve to feel confident in your appearance. And if you are like most of us, you are still in recovery mode from the holidays. 

What options do you have to switch up your look before February 14th? We have a few suggestions for cosmetic treatments for Valentine’s Day. 

1. Dermal Fillers

We think this is one of the best med spa treatments for Valentine’s Day. With all the cold weather and busy holidays, it is normal for your face to look a little tired. Dermal fillers pump up the volume wherever you need it. From your lips to your cheeks to your undereye area, dermal fillers offer the boost you need.

Give your skin back the volume the winter weather has taken away by using dermal fillers.


Listen, we get it; things have been stressful lately for everyone. But that’s no reason to let it show on your face. BOTOX injections can get rid of those 11s between your eyebrows, stop you from squinting at your screen and more!

3. Laser Hair Removal

We know what you’re thinking: laser hair removal in the winter? We promise, it’s a great idea! Laser hair removal takes multiple sessions for maximum effectiveness, each spaced weeks apart. Gift yourself this for Valentine’s Day and you’ll be smooth come summer. 

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