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Say Goodbye to Drooping Upper Eyelids with UPNEEQ

woman with hooded eyelid

Do you look in the mirror and feel you have aged overnight? Do drooping eyelids make you look like you haven’t slept in a week? Unfortunately, drooping or sagging eyelids are a common facial concern that occurs as we age. Eyelid surgery targets this dropping, but what if you just aren’t ready to take that step? The good news surgery doesn’t have to be your only option to lift your lids! A non-surgical eyelift can be as simple as an eyedrop or two! Let’s dive in and see what this is really about!

What Causes Drooping Eyelids? 

Upper eyelid drooping, known as ptosis, can occur for several reasons, but the most common cause is aging. As we age, the levator muscle tendon that controls the eyelid stretches and weakens, causing the eyelid to droop. Unfortunately, this drooping not only makes us look older but it can also contribute to eye fatigue, astigmatism, impaired vision, and head and neck strain. 

What Is Eyelid Surgery? 

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, with ptosis treatment, is the most common way to address drooping eyelids. During this procedure, we can remove fat pockets and excess skin contributing to the droopy appearance while also tightening the muscle responsible for eyelid movement, giving you a lifted, more awake appearance. While eyelid surgery is very successful, it is a major surgical procedure that has a one to two-week recovery period. 

What is UPNEEQ and How Is It Different?

If a long recovery from surgery simply isn’t an option, you don’t have to live with drooping eyelids. UPNEEQ, an FDA-approved daily eyedrop may give you the results you want without the surgical commitment. UPNEEQ is a unique eyedrop that targets the muscle in the upper eyelid, activating receptors in the muscle to contract and lift the eye. These drops do not interfere with vision or your natural ability to blink and they can produce up to a 1mm lift in the upper eyelid. There is no downtime and no need to wait for the results. Most people will see a noticeable lift in their eyelids within 15 minutes of application, with results lasting 6-8 hours.

No one wants to look tired all the time, but drooping eyelids can do just that. Here at Kramer Plastic Surgery, we understand the desire to look younger and put your best face forward, but that doesn’t always have to mean surgery. UPNEEQ eyedrops offer a unique way to turn back the clock and discover a rejuvenated, youthful appearance. Call 208-344-4900 today to schedule a consultation and learn if these unique eyedrops may provide your solution to a new you!