Breast Implant Revision Gallery

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Breast Implant Revision Case 1

History of 2 previous cosmetic breast surgeries elsewhere with complication of malpositioning and palpable and visible rippling. Revisional procedure performed was bilateral capsulotomies, capsulorrhaphies, placement of dermal matrix and implant exchange to 500cc smooth round high profile silicone gel implants. Implants removed were intact high profile silicone gel 600cc bilaterally.  Age 35, ...

Breast Implant Revision Case 2

Bilateral breast implant exchange with capsulectomy and capsulorraphy 8 years after primary augmentation. Patient lost breast volume after having children and desires a larger, high profile implant.  Implant exchange from 300cc smooth moderate profile silicone to 440cc textured high profile silicone gel bilaterally.  Age 35,  Ht. 5'3" , Wt. 122 lbs. Post operative photos taken at 6 weeks.

Breast Implant Revision Case 3

Bilateral total capsulectomy with removal of bilateral ruptured silicone implants, pocket adjustment, conversion to a dual-plane pectoralis positioning, lowering of left breast implant pocket, and re-augmentation with textured moderate plus profile silicone implants 325cc bilaterally. Original breast augmentation was 1987 with smoth thin walled non-cohesive silicone gel.  Age 58, Ht. 5'6", Wt....

Breast Implant Revision Case 4

Breast implant exchange, capsulorrhaphy, and bilateral circumvertical mastopexy to correct saline implant rippling, residual lax skin and lateral displacement of saline breast implants, original surgery 2008. Saline implants replaced with smooth, round, high profile silicone gel 400cc on the right and 450cc on the left. Age 30, Ht. 5'5",  Wt. 150 lbs.  Post operative photos taken at 10 months...

Breast Implant Revision Case 5

Bilateral breast implant exchange from saline to larger high profile, smooth, round, silicone gel implants 450cc bilaterally.  Age 27,  Ht. 5'5"  Wt. 140 lbs.  Post operative photos taken at 7 weeks.

Breast Implant Revision Case 6

Bilateral Capsulectomy, submuscular conversion and implant exchange for capsular contracture and desire for larger breast implant.  Textured saline 150cc implants replaced with 350cc smooth moderate profile silicone gel.  Age 56,  Ht. 5'5"  Wt. 129 lbs. Post operative photos taken at 8 weeks

Breast Implant Revision Case 7

History of breast augmentation in 2006 with smooth, round saline implants 330cc.   Breast changes over the years had left patient unhappy with size and she  requested removal.  Procedure:  Bilateral implant removal with bilateral breast lift and very small reduction.  Age 32,  Ht. 5'6",  Wt. 170 lbs.  Post operative photos taken at 8 weeks.