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What Can I Expect From Tummy Tuck Recovery?

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A tummy tuck is a serious surgical procedure. It involves a long recovery process that can last several months. For people who deal with loose, excess abdominal skin or damaged abdominal muscles, though, the recovery is worth the results.

At Kramer Plastic Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Kramer takes pride in helping his patients achieve greater self-confidence and a healthier body image through his work. Dr. Kramer wants his patients to be as informed as possible about tummy tucks, the recovery they entail, and the results you can expect. This blog details their recovery process to help you optimize your results and enjoy the body you’ve worked for.

Recovery Immediately After a Tummy Tuck

Every tummy tuck is unique, and every person will recover slightly differently. Factors such as your age, diet, fitness level, and weight will affect how quickly you bounce back. First, you should arrange for someone to drive you home the day of your surgery and stay with you for the rest of the day in case you need help. The first few nights after your surgery, you should plan to sleep upright, either in a reclining chair or in bed propped up by pillows. You’ll be able to shower 48 hours after the procedure.

Immediately after your surgery, Dr. Kramer will fit you with a support garment to wear during the first phase of your recovery. This will help support your abdomen, reduce swelling, and prevent fluid buildup.

Dr. Kramer and his staff will also brief you on specific aftercare instructions for your unique recovery. They’ll talk to you about:

  • How to care for your incisions
  • How soon you can resume physical activities
  • How much to rest
  • What to eat
  • How to manage your swelling

Recovery in the First Weeks After a Tummy Tuck

You should plan to take two weeks off work after your surgery. As soon as you feel up to light activity, you should start going for walks every three to four hours. This will help stimulate blood flow and facilitate your healing process. After a few weeks, you’ll be able to drive again.

During this time, you’ll experience post-operative swelling, as well as some pain and discomfort. The swelling will continue to dissipate as you wear your garment and get further away from your operation. Dr. Kramer will provide instructions on how to manage your discomfort.

Recovery 6-Plus Weeks After a Tummy Tuck

About six weeks after your surgery, you should be able to ease back into strenuous activities. When Dr. Kramer clears you to lift weights, start with low weight and high repetitions. Approach strength training slowly to not put too much stress on your incision.

This is also when you can begin to lift heavier objects at work or around the house, too. As with strength training, make sure you progress at a pace that won’t affect your incision. Around six weeks, Dr. Kramer may also let you remove your support garment.

Once you can return to your regular exercise regimen, it’s essential to maintain it, as well as eat a healthy diet. This will help you keep up your new look for years to come.

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