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Part III: Is Breast Augmentation Enough?

All About Your Breast Augmentation: A Three Part Series

KSEPTEMBER Kramer, Breast Lift - Image During their consultation with Dr. Kramer, some women are taken aback to learn that a breast augmentation alone may not give them the results that they are hoping to achieve. For many, a breast lift may be a smart addition. Whereas breast augmentation uses an implant to restore or add volume to the breast, a breast lift elevates and repositions the breasts to a higher, more youthful position. By lifting and tightening the breast tissue, a breast lift allows Dr. Kramer to restore the shape of your breasts. A breast lift may give you a “better shaped and positioned breast,” says Dr. Kramer

Do I Need a Breast Lift?

Try the pencil test! While not fool proof, this simple test can provide you with insight as to whether a breast lift may be necessary. With a pencil in hand, face a mirror while not wearing a bra. Place the pencil along your breast crease (where your bra band rests naturally). Now, take note as to where the nipple falls in relation to the pencil. If the nipple falls below the pencil: Depending on how far your nipple falls below the pencil, you may have moderate to severe ptosis (drooping of the breast) and would most likely be a candidate for a breast lift. If the nipple is at the pencil: On par with the pencil, you may have mild ptosis and may be a possible candidate for a breast lift. For some, an implant may be enough to help the nipple appear as if it has been raised and is located at a higher position. If your nipple is above the pencil: You are one of the lucky ones and are most likely not a candidate for a breast lift. A breast augmentation alone should be able to help you achieve a more voluptuous bosom.

More than Size Alone

Some women are pleasantly surprised to find that a breast lift is sufficient on its own. Happy with the size of their breasts, these women are not in need of more volume, they just need that volume to be repositioned to a perkier position. Many women, however, choose to complement their breast lift with the addition of an implant.

Making the Right Choice for You

Whether you choose a breast augmentation or a breast lift is dependent on your body’s needs as well as what you hope to achieve from your breast enhancement.  Dr. Kramer will be able to more accurately determine your specific breast enhancement needs at the time of your consultation. Learn more by scheduling a consultation with us at Kramer Plastic Surgery. Make sure to check out Part I & Part II of our All About Your Breast Augmentation series!