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Part II: Now Trending! A Natural Enhancement

All About Your Breast Augmentation: A Three Part Series

Kramer, BA - Image Gone are the days when women favored an overly-filled and overly-sized implant. Whereas women once preferred a recognizably fake augmentation, women are now choosing a more subtle approach to their breast augmentation—opting, instead, for a more natural-looking enhancement.

Four Ways to Achieve More Natural Breast Augmentation Results

Achieving a natural enhancement is completely possible—just make sure to take these factors into consideration:

Implant Type & Shape

“Most people agree the silicone implants look and feel more like a natural breast compared to saline,” says Dr. Kramer. He also recommends, that “if you truly wanted a ‘natural’ look, a shaped implant should be considered.”

Implant Placement

While an implant can be placed above or below the muscle, most find that a more natural look is achieved when the implant is placed underneath the pectoral muscle (sub-muscular).

Implant Location

An implant must be placed within the chest accordingly—too high and you risk an unnatural appearance, but too low and the breasts may appear to sag. For best results, the implant must be carefully fitted within your natural breast pocket.

Implant Size

Size may be the most important decision when considering breast enhancement.  More than anything, you will want “to determine the appropriate implant sizes for your body type,” explains Dr. Kramer. Your height, weight, and frame are all important considerations. During your consultation, Dr. Kramer will assist you in making this difficult decision. You will also be given the opportunity to try on “sizers” to help you decide what looks and feels best.

Be True to You

Dr. Kramer emphasizes that your chosen implant for breast augmentation should “enhance your breasts  and also your figure.”  Dr. Kramer uses a dimensional approach (measurements of breast and chest wall relationships) to determine an appropriate size range to help meet a patients expectations.

Naturally Bountiful Breasts with Dr. Kramer

Dr. Kramer is dedicated to helping you achieve your breast augmentation goals. Together with you, Dr. Kramer will customize your breast augmentation for the natural looking results that you want. Did you read Part I of our All About Your Breast Augmentation series! And don’t forget, make sure to check out Part III next month!