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Men! Love Your Chest This Summer with Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Kramer, Male Breast Reduct - ImageWhile enlarged breasts, known as gynecomastia, are common amongst men, few feel comfortable taking the first step towards male breast reduction surgery. Understanding just how difficult this decision is, Dr. Kramer takes pride in helping his male patients feel comfortable as they seek out his help.

Gynecomastia is Normal—and that there Is a Solution

A lot of men are eager to address their enlarged breasts but simply don’t want to deal with the embarrassment of speaking to someone about it. Taking the first step and scheduling a consultation with Dr. Kramer is often the most difficult. During your consultation, Dr. Kramer will discuss the goals, risks, benefits, and costs that go along male breast reduction surgery.

A Short, Discreet Procedure

Dr. Kramer is careful to create a reduction surgery that meets your aesthetic goals. Depending on your physique, this may include a combination of reducing excess skin and removing or reshaping your breast tissue. Ultimately, your reduction surgery will give your chest a tighter, toned, and more masculine appearance. The surgery itself typically does not take longer than three hours. Dr. Kramer takes extra care to perform a discreet reduction. Incisions are strategically placed as to not be noticeable and thus, any residual scarring is kept to a minimum.

Show Off Your Physique

As with any surgical procedure, it is important that you take enough time to allow your body to fully recover. The recovery period is normally minimal and you are able to be back on your feet within a week. As your body heals over the next month, the results of your reduction will become more and more noticeable.  Once healed, you will be ready to show off your newly-sculpted chest. With Dr. Kramer’s assistance, you can be confident with your chest for many summers to come!