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How the Tummy Tuck Has Gotten So Much Better with Age

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The medical advancements in the last several decades are astounding, making surgeries easier, more effective and improving the overall quality of life. The tummy tuck is no exception. So, how have tummy tuck advancements improved over the years?

First, a Little Tummy Tuck History

How old is tummy tuck surgery? You probably expect the first to have been performed in the 1950s, at the earliest. However, the first-ever tummy tuck was performed in 1890 by Dr. Demars and Dr. Marx in France. By 1899, it had its official medical term: abdominoplasty. Back then, the surgery was pretty crude and always resulted in the loss of the belly button.

By 1905, surgeons realized that a combination of vertical and horizontal incisions could allow them to save the belly button, marking the first major advancement in the surgery. However, tummy tuck surgery was strictly used to treat injuries, which remained the case into the 1980s.

The history of the tummy tuck is longer and more interesting than you might expect.

The 1990s and Beyond

Once the tummy tuck went cosmetic, advancements abounded. Newer approaches to incisions and a better understanding of anatomy allowed surgeons to address all manner of concerns, from loose skin to contouring the 360-degree profile of the midsection. And now that it is much safer to perform, it can be combined with other surgeries for a comprehensive mommy makeover.

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