Celebrate Yourself

Get Rid of Your Extra Holiday Weight with CoolSculpting®

1515140173696-Kramer, CS - ImageThe holidays have come and gone—what you are left with is the extra holiday weight. As much as we swore to ourselves that we wouldn’t over indulge, many of us find that a holiday treat or two too many now lingers on our waistline. Fortunately, with CoolSculpting at Kramer Plastic Surgery, Dr. Kramer can help you shed those extra holiday inches.

CoolSculpting Is the Ideal Post-Holiday Fat Reduction Treatment

CoolSculpting can help you achieve your ideal body—whether that be your pre-holiday body or better! Using a small designed applicator, CoolSculpting applies a controlled cooling to target, freeze, and eliminate fat cells. The arms, abdomen, stomach, and thighs can all be treated with CoolSculpting. Always wanting the best for his patients, Dr. Kramer uses the latest in CoolSculpting technology, CoolAdvantage™. A specially designed applicator, CoolAdvantage is more efficient and treats a larger surface area in less time. CoolSculpting is the ideal post-holiday fat reduction treatment, because:
  • CoolSculpting is specially designed to treat stubborn pockets, including love handles, a muffin top, and saddle bags—all areas that are particularly hard to lose through diet and exercise alone
  • CoolSculpting’s targeted approach is perfect for getting rid of those last few stubborn pockets of fat with most patients seeing upwards of 25 percent reduction per CoolSculpting treatment
  • Fat reduction with CoolSculpting is permanent—meaning that you can look good this year and for years to come
  • A non-surgical treatment, CoolSculpting requires no needles, anesthesia, nor surgery—meaning that you can be back to your daily routine immediately following your short CoolSculpting treatment

CoolSculpting at Kramer Plastic Surgery

Let Dr. Kramer help you achieve a slim and stunning post-holiday figure! To learn more about CoolSculpting, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kramer at Boise’s Kramer Plastic Surgery.