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CoolSculpting® Just Got Better

Kramer, CS -Image 1 CoolSculpting has long been a patient favorite for non-surgical fat reduction at Boise’s Kramer Plastic Surgery. While it may be hard to believe, CoolSculpting with Dr. Kramer just got better thanks to the introduction of CoolAdvantage™. Designed to work more efficiently, CoolAdvantage delivers the same great results men and women have come to expect from CoolSculpting—only faster, more effectively, and more comfortably!

Shorter Treatment Time

With the CoolAdvantage, your treatment time is reduced by nearly half. What used to take one hour now takes just 35 minutes! Designed to contact the skin more directly, the CoolAdvantage’s specially contoured shape allows it to more effectively cool the treated tissues—meaning that the targeted fat cells are able to reach cooler temperatures in a shorter amount of time.

More Tissue Treated

By changing the shape to more closely mimic the body, CoolAdvantage’s new applicator offers better coverage by sitting closer to the targeted tissues. This allows it to provide consistent results across a larger treatment area.

Increased Comfort

Although our patients here in Boise have always found CoolSculpting to be relatively pain-free, some patients did find the treatment itself to be slightly uncomfortable. In addition to the shorter treatment time, the redesigned applicator makes for a more comfortable treatment as it uses less vacuum tension throughout. A welcome improvement, pain scores are 45 percent lower. Also, because less suction is used, CoolAdvantage results in 82 percent less post-treatment bruising. We are excited to now offer CoolAdvantage at our Meridian practice! If you have been considering CoolSculpting, now is the time to schedule your CoolSculpting consultation at Kramer Plastic Surgery.