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Breast Reduction Can Help These Common Complaints

Breast Reduction Let’s face it ladies, sometimes our breasts can be a (literal) pain. While you can try to get fitted the right size bra or wear looser clothing, for women who have bigger breasts everyday life is a struggle. To help women who have concerns about their larger breasts, Dr. Kramer has compiled a list of common complaints women have about their breasts and how a Breast Reduction procedure can help alleviate many of those concerns. 

“My Whole Body Hurts!”

Physical pain is a very real symptom for women with larger breasts. The amount of effort your neck, back, and shoulder muscles require throughout the day can be exhausting. Some people may have told you to get a better bra or even go without, but those women who struggle with larger breasts have already tried everything. By reducing the physical size of the breasts, the back pain often significantly decreases, which also can help body posture improve.

“My Body Doesn’t Feel Right”

Having disproportionally large breasts can make you feel like your body never looks or feels quite right. This can make you struggle to have a positive body image or manifest into frustration when you can never find clothes that fit or flatter your unique body shape. Breast Reduction Surgery is designed for these very feelings in mind. The goal of Breast Reduction isn’t to simply “make the breasts smaller.” The goal is to bring balance to the body and create beautiful proportions that many women have been longing for.

“I Can’t Workout Anymore”

Performing daily chores, going up stairs, and even a quick jog so you won’t miss the bus can be extremely difficult or uncomfortable for women with larger breasts. Everyday activities can prove difficult, which often means that going to the gym is out of the question. This can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening. You might have even tried every sports bra on the market before reluctantly giving up your morning jog. Ordinary daily activities, and even exercise, can be accomplished once again after a reduction in breast size. With the physical pain gone and a physically smaller size, many women are ready to renew that gym membership after Breast Reduction.

Sound Like You?

If you have had any of these complaints (maybe even all of them today) and you have been looking for a way to alleviate these concerns, Breast Reduction may be an effective option for you. To find out more about Breast Reduction procedures at Kramer Plastic Surgery in Meridian, Idaho, schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Kramer today.