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5 Mommy Makeover Facts that May Surprise You

Women Getting Mommy MakoverMuch like a new child can bring along quite a few surprises for you and your family, you may be surprised to learn what all a mommy makeover can do for your body post-pregnancy. Dr. Jonathan Kramer and the team at Kramer Plastic Surgery are committed to patient education and satisfaction. We encourage you to read on and learn how a mommy makeover can help restore your self-esteem so you can look as good as you feel about the newest addition to your family.

1. You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty for Wanting One

Having a child is a beautiful thing, but it may leave you feeling less than beautiful about your appearance. While some women are proud of the way their bodies changed during pregnancy and birth, others long to restore their bodies back to how they were. You shouldn’t feel guilty for whatever thoughts you have on the matter. A mommy makeover isn’t for every woman, but for many, it can help them feel confident and ready to take on whatever parenthood throws at them.

2. You Can Customize Your Mommy Makeover

To correct common physical changes after pregnancy and birth, mommy makeovers often include:

Women with visible signs of facial aging may opt for a facelift or other forms of facial surgery as part of their mommy makeovers. And some women may wish to tighten areas other than their stomachs and chests through arm lifts, thigh lifts and lower-body lifts. Dr. Kramer will work with you to create a mommy makeover the aligns with your health care needs, as well as your treatment goals and budget.

3. You Can Choose Non-Surgical Options

Non-surgical treatments can be included in a mommy makeover as well. Kramer Plastic Surgery offers several non-surgical options, including:

During your initial consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss what you’re looking for with Dr. Kramer. He can create a plan that includes both surgical and non-surgical procedures depending on your needs. 

4. You Can Recover and Continue Being a Mom

Since mommy makeovers combine multiple procedures into one appointment, you’ll maximize your results and cut down on recovery time. Dr. Kramer is an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who will do his best to ensure you have a comfortable procedure and an easy recovery process. Most of our mommy makeover patients are fully recovered in just a few weeks.

5. You Don’t Have to Be a Mom to Get One

While mommy makeovers are most commonly used to treat areas of the body affected by pregnancy and birth, they can include nearly any combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures that Dr. Kramer deems beneficial. You don’t need to have children to get a mommy makeover. Patients who’ve lost a significant amount of weight or undergone weight loss surgery are often good candidates for the procedure. 

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