Fraxel® DUAL

Fraxel is a non-invasive laser therapy providing a wide array of treatment options to address many forms of aging, customized to each patient’s needs and concerns, often requiring minimal downtime.

Utilizing proprietary “fractional resurfacing” technology, Fraxel creates thousands of microscopic treatment zones per square centimeter, stimulating repair and rejuvenation by inducing the skin’s natural wound-healing response.

Fraxel systems can treat conditions such as fine lines and pigmentation, acne and surgical scars, deeper lines and wrinkles and actinic keratosis, delivering effective results.

The Fraxel DUAL system is the original skin resurfacing technology that renews skin and helps maintain skin’s youthful glow despite a person’s age or skin color, with minimal discomfort and downtime. It is a fractional laser system that effectively penetrates the skin down to the dermis without disrupting the skin’s protective outer barrier, thus maximizing safety and recovery time. The result is natural stimulation of new collagen creation, which exists naturally in the dermis to provide structural support and gradually breaks down throughout the aging process weakening the skin, leading to fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.


Features and Benefits

• Non-invasive, clinically proven to be effective, easily managed into your routine
• Real change you just can’t get from lotions and creams
• Simple, effective treatment that really reduces signs of aging

fraxel crop
after fraxel crop

The above is an actual Fraxel patient at Kramer Plastic Surgery

How It Works

Fraxel is the original fractional laser treatment using patented fractional technology to target damaged skin with microscopic laser columns that penetrate deep into the skin. The laser only treats a fraction of the tissue at a time, leaving the surrounding tissue untouched, which promotes rapid healing. This stimulates your own body’s natural healing process, replacing the old damaged cells with fresh, glowing, healthy skin.

Fraxel treatments usually last between 15 and 45 minutes and most patients see the best results with one to five treatments. Fraxel works with the body’s natural skin cells, so results are both immediate and progressive. Soon after the treatment, the surface of the skin will feel softer and smoother, look brighter and show a more even tone. The next 3 to 6 months will bring more improvement as the deeper layers of the skin continue to create new collagen.

Getting Started with Fraxel in Boise

Years of board certified plastic surgery experience, top-level training, and life-enriching results are just a short drive away with Boise’s own Jonathan Kramer, M.D. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation and make life happen.

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